Advanced Yoga, My YTT

I’m doing it

I said “yes” and I am doing yoga teacher training, beginning this month. I have even launched a Go Fund Me campaign.

I should be folding laundry, but instead I wanted to outline what this version of YTT (yoga teacher training) is, and where your donation is going. Warning, this is super long.

Honestly, I did not know how intense the academic, scientific, and interpersonal a ground-floor, 200 hour YTT is until this weekend, when I attended an open house with three of the experts/teachers (two of them with advanced degrees in anatomy and nursing).
The program is approved by the National Yoga Alliance*
It is a 27 week program.
Residence requirements:
7 weekend intensives. All day, Sat/Sun, with the cohort and teachers at Premier Yoga.
27 meetings (weekly) with the cohort and teachers.
25 hours of weekly contact yoga classes.**
6 private sessions with experts in the field, broadly construed.
10 hours of teaching practicum
6 written homework assignments (one per month)
Weekly reading – required books and manuals will be provided, additional materials and books may be recommended. Not sure how many pages. We’ll see.
1 45 minute teaching session with the cohort. This seems like the dissertation defense part.
Testing – more on this when I get there!
Training and coursework are in anatomy, teaching, all of the asanas (that is the physical part of yoga practice), diet and nutrition, Ayuverdic medicine, breathing, all of the things you have heard about yoga plus a lot more that I will learn about as I go.
So. This is where donations go. To pay the faculty, to pay for the space. Nobody is really profitting from this, beyond making enough to get by.
When I have completed the program and pass the test, by the end of October 2018, I will be certified as a real yoga teacher.
If you have read all this, thank you. If you are able to contribute to this cause, thank you! If you have already supported me here or out in the world, you know how much I appreciate you.
Love, Sarah
** I already take 2-3 hours of yoga classes per week, so this expense does not factor in above the tuition