Here are some product suggestions to make the most of your yoga experience.*

Everyday Yoga Gear

Yoga mat. Any mat will do, but I suggest something beyond what you’d find on the shelf at a department store. Sticky, supportive, well-wearing. Jade, Manduka, B YOGA are all great brands.
Two solid 4″ yoga blocks.
Cork blocks or Manduka, Hugger Mugger, or other premium brand suggested but not required.

Yoga blanket(s), great for all classes;
preferably two blankets
for Flow and Restore.
Yoga strap. I prefer an 8-10 foot strap with D-rings, but any yoga strap will do.

Gear for Deeper Practice

Eye pillow with washable cover. Some have lavender, some are unscented. Great for yoga nidra and restorative.
Meditation cushion. As with any yoga prop, there are a zillion options… shapes, colors, fibers, sizes, etc. Personally I prefer a buckwheat filling in a kidney or half moon shape.
Pranayama bolster, this particular brand and model is a good size and weight for bringing to and from my Flow and Restore classes. It is affordable, smaller, and about half the weight of a traditional bolster used in restorative yoga.
Rectangular yoga bolster. Most common shape bolster used restorative yoga. Cotton preferred, with a washable cover. Any brand will do. Hugger Mugger has a great reputation for a long-lasting bolster, YogaAccessories has a wonderful array of colors to choose from and is very affordable. Typically these are too heavy to cart from home to class, unless that is your preference.
Round yoga bolster. Cotton preferred, with a washable cover. Also used in restorative yoga. As with any full-sized bolster, typically these are for home practice or supplied by a studio, because they are too heavy to cart from home to class… unless that is your preference. YogaAccessories has a lot of affordable options.

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