About Savasana

About Savasana, pt. 2: Go ahead and skip it

Maybe you have to get back to work. Or your kid needs to be picked up. Maybe you have four hours to yourself for the entire week and feel like you have to keep moving. Maybe Savasana doesn’t feel good.

If you don’t enjoy it, or don’t have the time, fine. Skip it.

It’s a whole different thing to “do yoga” and skip savasana. And it’s fine.

I practiced yoga, off and on, for nearly 18 years (more off than on) before I gave myself enough time to ride Savasana out. Savasana is the Sanskrit word for what is sometimes Corpse Pose, which I wrote about in About Savasana, pt. 1.

So if it isn’t for you, don’t. It’s totally fine to practice yoga without Savasana.

A wise person once said, “Some parts of yoga, you just put over here, put them aside, and you might come back to it and you might not.” I’m paraphrasing but this is the kernel of it.

Whatever you get out of yoga, do that. Put the other stuff on the shelf.


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